Reaching an immersion rate 93%, WeChat is one of the most essential marketing channels for brands to expand into the China market.With over 900 million active Chinese users per month and around 400 million users browsing the app for at least 90 minutes daily, WeChat connects you with your target audience easily.

Why Choose WeChat Strategy?

WeChat Strategy provides you with comprehensive full-service WeChat marketing. Harnessing years of experience in China marketing, our professional Hong Kong and Mainland China WeChat marketing teams tailor-make ad strategies for businesses. Raise brand awareness with the least advertising cost and craft a more influential brand image in China.

WeChat Official Account Services

We provide full-services in WeChat official account registration. Through this account, your brand can reach over 100 million WeChat users to raise brand awareness and craft more impactful branding. With our WeChat verification services, your business can enjoy the platform’s 9 major functions to enhance top-of-mind awareness and capture fans.
  • Service Account/Subscription Account Registration (use Hong Kong or Mainland BR to register a WeChat official account in around 30 days*)
  • WeChat Verification Application
  • WeChat Pay
  • WeChat Maintenance

WeChat Promotions

Attain a broader pool of WeChat users through WeChat ads. Its intricate backend allows your messages to be sent with hyper-precision, bringing enhanced ad-broadcasting.

To further enhance advertising effects and transform your products into ‘hot picks’, word-of-mouth marketing is the next step- utilize WeChat KOLs’ heated popularity, vast influence, and chart-topping number of fans.
  • Moments Ads
  • Official Account Ads
  • Official Account Advertising
  • Mainland KOL Word-of-Mouth Marketing

WeChat Functions Development

Through developing further into WeChat functions, WeChat Strategy allows WeChat official accounts to utilize more functions for better marketing effects. We craft business plans and solutions based on your image, brand, and strengths to tailor-make functions that maximize your ROI at the least cost.
  • Developing Mini Programs
  • WeChat Mall
  • WeChat Games/ HTML 5 Games
  • Member Management Systems
  • Customer Management Systems
  • LBS Systems
  • Reservation Systems, etc.
*Registering WeChat official account in 30 days: Countdown begins after the client has handed in all the correct documents required for registration
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